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The Youth and Vulnerable Adult screening process is designed to protect the youth and vulnerable adults in your congregation.  It also protects the volunteers and the organization by imposing a distance between members not having had a successful background check and the youth and vulnerable adults within the organization.     

The Ministries screen has a field to set a Yes/No flag as to whether this ministry requires all ministry members to have passed a Youth and Vulnerable Adult background check.

The Member Demographics screen also has a field for whether a member has had a background check, whether they passed, and the pass/fail date.

A member may, at the discretion of the Shared Ministry coordinator, sign up for a ministry without having had a background check:


Church policy may not allow any member who does not have a positive background check from signing up for a ministry where a positive background check is required.  Simply clicking the "No" menu button will prevent this person from having access to that ministry.

If a background check proves to be negative, that member cannot even sign up for a ministry requiring a passed background check:

A member CANNOT be accepted into a ministry until they have had, and passed, a background check.

If, during the query for gifts, interests, and/or experiences for a ministry requiring a Youth and Vulnerable Adult background check, if members are found who meet the gifts, interests, and/or experiences requirements for the ministry, but who have not passed a background check, the following message will appear:


No member who has failed a background check can be accepted into any ministry which requires a Youth and Vulnerable Adult background check.

Please Note:  It is not the intent of the Shared Ministry Manager© program or web page to determine what an adequate Youth and Vulnerable Adult background check is of for your church.  Some states have established specific requirements, as have some church organizations.  If you don't know what the requirements are, check with your national, state, or regional church office, or check with a state agency.


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