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Report Screens                  Some Available Reports

The Shared Ministry Manager© program offers 23 separate reports to assist the Shared Ministry Coordinator and the ministry leaders in managing their ministries.

Eight of those reports include an option to create a mail merge file, for use with any word processing software that has a mail merge feature, such as Microsoft Word or Coral's WordPerfect.

All of the reports can be printed or viewed on screen.

Note:  By installing an optional .pdf report writer as an additional printer, reports can be printed to Adobe Acrobat .pdf format and can be sent as email attachment to members, groups, etc.

The Ministry Reports are:

Ministry Listing – a list of your ministries.

Ministry Leaders – a listing of all ministries and leaders, with an option to select whether you want a simple list, or detailed demographic information about the leaders.

Ministry Membership List/History – a listing of all current members, all current and past members, or past members, only.  You can set a date range for the 2 reports that include past members.

Ministry Interest Requests – Creates a report for entries that have been made thru the Ministry / Ministry Interest Request window.

Ministry Sign-Up Requests – a report of all members who have signed up for a specific ministry.  Also, you can print a sign up listing for ALL ministries.

Member Sign-Up Requests – Prints a list of ministries a specific member has signed up for.

Members with No Current Ministry Involvement – a listing of those members not currently active an any ministry.

Ministry Term Expiration - a listing of ministry members whose membership terms are expiring, or have expired, to be used only when your church uses ministry term lengths.

Ministry Discovery of Gifts Survey Profile – a listing of ministry members, and a composite profile of all of the Discovery of Gifts profiles for those members who have a Discovery of Gifts survey on record.

Member Discovery of Gifts Survey Profile – a listing of Gifts, Interests, and Experiences for a specific member. 

Member Match to Ministry Query Profile – This routine will search for Ministry queries that have been set up in the Gifts / Discover of Gifts Query for ministry query profiles that this person meets.

Member’s Active Ministries – Generates a list of ministries a specific member is currently involved with.

Gift Profile – All Members, Interest Profile – All Members, Experience Profile – All Members – Each of these 3 reports create a profile of all members

Member List  – Want to know how many children will be 5 years old on September 1 of next year?  Here’s where you can find out.  Reports are available for all members, by head of household, by head of household + spouse, by age or age range, and by gender.

Special Training – Creates a report of members who have Special Training.  This information comes from Members / Special Training.


Click on each thumbnail to view a few of the report screens in its actual size:

Ministry Membership List and History

Ministry Sign Up Requests

Note that this 1 screen provides 2 very different reports




Examples of some of the reports available in Shared Ministry Manager©:

Ministry Leaders

Ministry Sign Up Requests Report

This report may be given to the ministry leader to add new members to the ministry



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