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General Information

Shared Ministry Manager© was developed in conjunction with Shared Ministry Coordinators and Church and Parish Administrators to meet the Shared Ministry or Volunteer Management needs of their organizations.

The program is very user-friendly.  Pull-down menus, pop-up lists, on-screen messaging, and a user's manual make the program easy enough to use that the computer novice will have no trouble entering data or running reports.

Importing member demographics data:

Shared Ministry Manager© has built-in routines to allow you to import your member demographics from several common church management programs.  For a listing of the church management programs Shared Ministry Manager© can import from, click here.

Note:  If your church is using a church management program not listed here, let us know.  We will check into the program your church is using to determine what it will take to import data from it, too.

The software program has 2 major aspects:

Discovery of Gifts

Ministry, or Time and Talent, Signup

Discovery of Gifts requires that a God-given Gifts, Interests, and Experiences Survey be compiled and provided to each member.  Members than select any God-given Gifts, Interests, and Experiences that apply to them.  A selection routine is provided in the program to find members with a specific combination of Gifts and/or Interests and/or Experiences required by a specific ministry.  An example of a God-given Gifts, Interests, and Experiences survey can be found on the Gifts page.

Ministry, or Time and Talent Sigh-Up allows members to sign up for one or more ministries. Members may be admitted to a ministry just by signing up or by acceptance into the ministry by the ministry leader, or by the practice used in your church.

Youth and Vulnerable Adults

This feature of the Shared Ministry Manager© program was added to protect the children and vulnerable adults in your church, and to help protect the church from liability by maintaining a safe distance between the youth and vulnerable adults in the congregation and church members who have not been screened for or passed a Youth and Vulnerable Adult background check.

Please visit the Youth and Vulnerable Adult page for additional information about this very important aspect of the program.


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