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Discovery of Gifts Screens

Example of a Discovery of Gifts Survey

If your church uses Discovery of Gifts to fill ministry needs, this is the section of the program you'll be using.

The shared ministry coordinator can customize the list of God-Given Gifts, Interests and Experiences by adding, deleting or editing the list to meet the needs of the church

From the Gifts Surveys the members have filled out, select the Discovery of Gifts Survey menu selection and enter the Gifts, Interests, and Experiences of each member.

When your ministry leader requests a new member, bringing specific gifts and/or interests and/or experiences to the ministry, you'll be able to find exactly what the ministry leader is looking for by entering those criteria into the Discovery of Gifts Query.

There is also a routine to let the shared ministry coordinator match prior ministry requests to a single member


Click on each thumbnail picture to see the screen in its actual size:

Discovery of Gifts Survey

Discovery of Gifts Query

Discovery of Gifts Follow Up

Remove Old Discovery of Gifts Data

Note: You must have Adobe Reader installed to view the sample Discovery of Gifts Survey.  If you do not, you can download and install it by clicking on the Adobe Reader icon, below.

Click on each description to see the survey pages in actual size:

God-Given Gifts

Interests and Experiences - Page 1

Interests and Experiences - Page 2

Feelings and Preferences




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